Remote User Testing
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Self-Recruit your users for feedback and usability tests.

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Hear from your users

TestHQ allows a simple platform to speak to your users. Remove the untargeted users from your tests & feedback.

No time wasted

Save time recruiting, managing and carrying out tests. TestHQ removes the leg-work through easy recruiting.

Save money recruiting

Recruiting individuals for user testing is expensive. TestHQ saves you money by working with your existing user base.

1) Create a test

TestHQ makes it simple to create a usability or feedback test. Choose from a range of different options.

2) Recruit & Send Tests

Embed on your website to get feedback from users or send to beta users or others for design feedback

3) Review & Action Results

Review results using our dashboard to make product improvements based on feedback.

Self Recruit your Users

TestHQ helps recruit users from your own website or product for testing. Recruit, create and send tests from TestHQ.


Send Tests

Create and send tests easily through our platform.


Reward your users through product discounts or cash. We take care of the logistics.


Display a message on your website. Allow users to complete a feedback test.


Integrate with your product using a JS snippet.

Open for beta

We're now open for our free beta.

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Manage your testers

Integrations with Intercom, Crisp & Mailchimp allow targeted recruitment. Manage users on through the TestHQ dashboard.

Different tests for different testers

Select different user groups to participate in tests.

Send to:




*New user group is recruited based on a customer with no previous purchase.

TestHQ Tests

Use a range of different tests to gather feedback on aspects of your product. Create a test with ease.

Long Tests

Task based recorded tests allow in-depth feedback from users.

  • Create tasks for users to complete
  • Preview and share results
  • Simple & efficient analysis

Short Tests

Carry out & gather fast feedback through a multitude of quick tests.

  • Feedback on pages
  • Split test designs
  • First click navigation tests

Review results with ease

Navigate test results through the dashboard.

Task 1     0:00

What's your first impression of the website? What does the business do?

Task 2     00:19

Please navigate to find projects that we have recently completed.

Task 3     00:46

How would you find out where our office is located?

Reward your Users

Thanks users for their time by rewarding them with unique
discounts & rewards.

How it works

Reward your users for their time. Past large recruitment savings on. 1 month for free or 30% off. TestHQ takes care of the logistics.

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20% off

Open for beta

We're now open for our free beta.

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